2016 BBFFL Draft:

Big Butt Fantasy Football League

Wisconsin area fantasy football league founded in 1996


Game Overview

The BBFFL started in 1996. It is a 12 team head-to-head league. Each team plays 13 regular season games. Playoffs begin on week 14, the toilet bowl and the Eric Skaalen Bowl is on week 16, which is the second to last NFL week.


Franchise Fee

The franchise fee to own a BBFFL team is $125 per year.

Part of this fee is the for the CBS Sportsline website, the rest is given out in prizes and the year end party. It also entitles you, as owner of you own BBFFL franchise, all the right and privileges associated with such ownership. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete control of your own fantasy football team during the season and playoffs
  • Weekly updates of stats, standing and transactions
  • Prizes
  • The opportunity to make some unbelievably great transactions
  • The opportunity to make some unbelievably stupid transactions


The league consists of 12 teams, comprising of 16 players per team, as follows:

2 quarterbacks, 4 running backs, 4 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, 2 kickers, 1 defense/special teams

There will be three divisions, with four teams in each division. Division alignment will be determined on draft night by random picking of names.

Each team has a maximum of two injured serve slots. An owner placing a player on injured reserve must immediately acquire a replacement player to fill that player’s spot on the team. A $5 charge is added for each IR transaction. Any player listed on CBSSportsline.com’s injury list is eligible to be on the IR. This includes any player that is probable, questionable, or out.

The injured player must remain on inured reserve for 3 weeks and will then be eligible to be placed back on the regular team roster.

The injured player must remain on inured reserve for 3 weeks and will then be eligible to be placed back on the regular team roster. The owner must do one of the following at this time:

  • Waive a player at the same position as the player on injured reserve and then place the IR player back on the regular roster.
  • Leave the IR player on injured reserve for another 3 weeks
  • Waive the player on injured reserve without acquiring a replacement

The Draft

The draft order will be chosen by random picking of names. Your order will be set on draft day. Moving down in the draft order is permitted. For example: Team B has the first pick, he may choose to draft 10th if he wants. Once he does choose he cannot be bumped.

Each odd round the drafting order goes 1 through 12, each even round the drafting order goes 12 through 1.

Playing the Game

You will be required to give the commissioner, by noon immediately preceding the first game of the current week, a roster comprising of the following positions:

1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, 1 Def/Special Teams

If there is a Thursday game you must submit your starters that are playing in that game by kickoff time, otherwise you can wait until Sunday to start your other players.

If you do not submit a roster, it will be assumed you are using the same line-up as the previous week.

These eight starters will be the players who count towards your scoring and will remain your starters all year, unless you switch them with someone on the reserve squad or you acquire another player through a trade or free agency.


Each week’s head-to-head match shall be determined by the following scoring method. Points are scored by those players that are on the active roster.

Scoring Points
Rushing/Receiving/Defense TD 6
Passing TD 4
Every 10 yards rushing 1
Every 10 yards receiving 1
Every 25 yards passing 1
Interceptions thrown -1
Extra Point 1
2pt conversion scored 2
2pt conversion passed 2
0-49 yard FG 3
50+ yard FG 4
Fumble recovery 2
Interception 2
Sack 1
Safety 2


A valid transaction consists of any team roster change. This roster change will include either one waiver and acquisition, one injured reserve move, or one trade (may include more than 2 players). Unlimited transactions will be permitted.

Any player not acquired during the draft becomes a free agent. A player also becomes a free agent when he is waived. You can acquire any player not currently on another team’s roster via free agency.

Waivers run every night starting Tuesday night and ending on Saturday night. Waived players must be on waivers for a full 24 hours before they are eligible to be picked up again. Waiver order are reset every Tuesday night based on current league standings, last to first place. Once you pick up a free agent you go back to the end of the list.

There are no charges for transactions

Free agent transactions during the playoffs will be awarded to those in the playoffs and will have priority over those in the toilet bowl bracket.

You must at all times maintain a full and correct roster.

The deadline for all trades is 11:55am of week #11

The commissioner may void a trade if such a trade is deemed by the commissioner or other owners to be improper or unfair. Any owner can protest a trade by contacting the commissioner. A vote will then commence to rule on the trade.

Any team may waive any player on its team and claim a replacement player from the free agent pool with regard to time and transaction limits.


The top three teams in each division automatically advance to the playoffs. Tie breaker procedures, which will be explained below, will be used as necessary to seed the playoff teams. There will be three wildcard positions based on the best records of the non-division champs. The six teams with the worst records will play for the the honor of winning the toilet bowl.

Wildcard ties shall be broken as follows:

  • Best Record - overall
  • Best Record - head to head
  • Point total - overall
  • Best Record - in division
  • Coin Flip

Divisional ties, other than a two-way, will be determined by divisional record (next tie-breaker is most fantasy points scored). Two-way tie for the division will be base on head-to-head first, then divisional record, then most fantasy points.

Any non-playoff games which end in a tie shall stay that way and be entered into the standings as a tie.

Regular scoring will be used for all playoff games. If a playoff game ends in a tie then decimal scoring will be used to determine the winner (for rushing and receiving yards only). If still tied, the total of all bench players will be used (regular scoring).


$1500 will be collected on draft day. Prizes are awarded as follows:

Weekly highest scoring team - $5/week x 13 weeks $65
Weekly highest scoring player - $5/week x 13 weeks $65
Making the playoffs - $25 x 6 spots $150
Division Winner - $25 x 3 divisions $75
First Round playoff win/bye - $50 x 4 $200
Second Round playoff win - $125 x 2 $250
BBFFL Champion $175
3rd Place $50
Toilet Bowl Champion $50
League Maintenance (CBS Site) $150
Trophies and awards $80
Year End Party $190 (plus IR fees)

Along with these prizes, the BBFFL Champ will take in his possessions the Skaalen Tropy with his name engraved as this years champion. It will be his to flaunt for a year until next years champ.

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