Illegal Use of Hands


Scouting Report

Upstart newcomer to the league. All-around solid fantasy football performer. Won the BBFFL title in only his second year as an expansion team. Very active in trade talks and pursueing free agents.

Very easy-going owner who is happy to contribute and willing to entertain offers. Excellent game day manager.



Career Stats

  • Standings
  • Rankings
  • Awards
  • Matchups

Tab 1

Year Finish
2013 8th
2014 1st
2015 2nd
Year Finish
2016 7th
2017 9th
2018 10th
2019 9th

Tab 2

Stat Rank
Most Points in a Season 1194 n/a
Fewest Points in a Season 988 n/a
Most Points in a Game 126 n/a
Fewest Points in a Game 42 n/a
100+ Point Games 14 12th
50- Point Games 1 1st
Best Record in a Season 8-5 n/a
Worst Record in a Season 4-9 n/a
Longest Winning Streak 4 n/a
Longest Losing Streak 5 n/a

Tab 3

Award Year
Best Team 2015
Manager of the Year 2014
Best Draft (none)
Most Improved 2014
Best Trade (none)
Best Draft Pick (none)
Best Free Agent Pickup 2014, 2017
Hardest to Trade With (none)
Worst Luck 2019
Worst Trade (none)
Biggest Draft Bust 2016
Worst Draft Pick (none)
Worst Managerial Move (none)

Tab 4

Team Record
Bald 4-6
Bunas Brigade 3-7
Cactus Crusade 2-6
Crusty Old Man 1-5
Illegal Use of Hands n/a
King Butt 3-7-1
Loves Liquor Box 2-4
Mutt Cutts 9-2
Snakes Skirts 3-5
TBacks 7-0
Teffs Tweetles 9-3
Triple Kiss 1-8