Loves Liquor Box


Scouting Report

Much like Triple Kiss, a very average regular season record but when White Love reaches the out. If you take away his spectacular 13-0 season, he is a .500 regular season performer. Joins Brian Nelson and Don Gehring as the only owners to win the coveted Skaalen trophy with a losing regular season record.....and he did it twice, and once with an incredible 5-8 record.

Uses a vast array of fantasy football publications to prepare him for the draft. This strategy appears to work as White Love is always in the running for the Best Draft award.

Very intense owner who tends to get down if the early results are not favorable, only to see his team rebound and rally during the late games. This scenerio has played out time and time again. Fantasy Football gods look out for this young man.



Career Stats

  • Standings
  • Rankings
  • Awards
  • Matchups

Tab 1

Year Finish
2000 12th
2001 11th
2002 2nd
2003 7th
2004 10th
2005 1st
2006 1st
2007 5th
2008 4th
Year Finish
2009 3rd
2010 9th
2011 3rd
2012 9th
2013 10th
2014 9th
2015 4th
2016 1st
2017 7th
2018 1st
2019 7th

Tab 2

Stat Rank
Most Points in a Season 1403 1st
Fewest Points in a Season 832 n/a
Most Points in a Game 135 n/a
Fewest Points in a Game 38 n/a
100+ Point Games 45 6th
50- Point Games 10 4th
Best Record in a Season 13-0 1st
Worst Record in a Season 4-9 n/a
Longest Winning Streak 15 1st
Longest Losing Streak 8 2nd

Tab 3

Award Year
Best Team 2016, 2018
Manager of the Year 2006, 2018
Best Draft 2015, 2016
Most Improved 2005, 2011
Best Trade 2015
Best Draft Pick 2015
Best Free Agent Pickup 2003, 2012, 2018
Hardest to Trade With (none)
Worst Luck (none)
Worst Trade 2000, 2015
Biggest Draft Bust 2013
Worst Draft Pick 2019
Worst Managerial Move 2005, 2009, 2010

Tab 4

Team Record
Bald 13-14
Bunas Brigade 15-13
Cactus Crusade 13-13
Crusty Old Man 6-0
Illegal Use of Hands 4-2
King Butt 18-11
Loves Liquor Box n/a
Mutt Cutts 15-17-1
Snakes Skirts 13-10
TBacks 9-11
Teffs Tweetles 16-12
Triple Kiss 8-15